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What is creativity then?

The reason why it’s so important to understand what creativity is in itself- a process, a movement, a dance of sorts- is because some people say they are not creative, or that they have no ideas or inspiration. Some artists themselves may sometimes allude to the lack of inspiration which arises from their creative blocks, and they may justify their own self sabotage by saying they are not inspired. This is just another excuse not to create, as there are many- myths that we can demystify through coaching.

It is important to remember then that creativity is your personal interpretation of the external world, which is why living in isolation, away from the world, as an hermit, in a cave isn’t the best way to create, even

though, some artists tend to isolate themselves from the world. The reason why artists retreat is to find meaning, and focus- to clarify their own interpretation of all the external stimuli (the ideas) they receive, and focus on expressing them without external distractions ( more stimuli). I think it helps to understand the process of creativity so we can actualise it- sometimes when we are stuck, we can better pinpoint which phase of this process, this ‘dance’, we are stuck in- are we needing stimulation? Do we need a walk? Do we need to see more art? Do we need music? Do we need to nurture ourselves with more information and stimuli? Or is it that we have plenty, maybe too much information to process, and we are becoming desensitised as we are over-stimulated and need time, and dedicated space to process, somewhere quiet, away, without distractions where we can make sense of the world and make sense of our thoughts and feelings in response to the world, to align our response to it, and express ourselves?

Finding this alignment is essential. It is what gives it purpose.


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