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Testimonial Judith

Testimonial Judith

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Coaching has made me re-evaluate ways I approach situations that cause mild anxiety and given me a toolkit with which to combat these feelings. It has also allowed me to question certain life goals and routes of how to achieve them as well as realising areas that may need more attention than I am giving them. I think it has allowed me to view life as more of an interconnected web therefore allowing me to feel more balanced. It has strengthened my goals and given me some confidence that I have considered the routes to them. Ana is direct, which forces you to confront things that you may normally be able to skirt around. She has a huge breadth of knowledge and teachings from which to pull from, making it feel deeper. I am grateful that she sent me the exercises we did so that going forward I can realign whenever necessary by taking a

look back over them and reminding myself of the exercises/ways of thinking. 

 I have never wanted to ask for help with the everyday stresses an anxieties that I feel, I have always believed that mind over matter would get me where I needed. But entering my late 20s things started to become foggy and less clear, especially from moving to the other side of the world.  In a big city like London I slowly felt my identity and sense of self slipping away from me.  Ana has helped me not only change my mind set on how I view myself as an artist in this big world but she has also given me the confidence and tools that I need to tackle anything that may come my way. My biggest tool: my voice. I can not thank Ana enough for helping me find the confidence in speaking out and up as a woman who has never been able to express herself to anyone, even herself. I have much more clarity in my purpose here, in this crazy world, and have much more sense of what I can give and make a difference with, this will forever be my drive to the opportunities and success I see in my future.

Chloe Clements


Nikki Williams 

Ana and her life coaching have impacted me positively in many ways. It has helped me to establish and take action towards achieving my goals, to become more self-confident and to take more responsibility for my actions and commitments. I can imagine my life improving from having done theses sessions by empowering me and encouraging me to be more responsible, take more action and become my best self. Ana brought specific and well-defined issues to my attention and she prepares for each session with information, examples, ideas, etc. 

Debora Moritz  
Yoga teacher

Coaching gave me a much more pragmatic method of organising myself. I have gained insight into personal questions/ challenges through our conversations; where I come out feeling or thinking differently about the particular topic at hand. I have become more secure, grounded and focused.These sessions have become a seed of change. It is ultimately up to me to ensure that I keep watering and feeding this seed; but it has been planted.
Ana is excellent at reflecting back my own thoughts but with a different emphasis to what my mind would sometimes focus on and thus allowing me to think about things in a different way. She is very welcoming, personable and able to connect with me on multifaceted ways. She is understanding, kind and gives you the time- very good at making you feel like a person and not a client by something as simple as the extra little bit of time we spend chatting provides such a different relationship.
She has excellent tools and knows how to implement them and knows how to guide me through my thoughts but also is good at putting enough pressure for me to really consider what I truly think and feel and why this may be the case.

Daniel Correia
Actor and Theatre director

Since working with Ana I'm more sure of myself, more confident.  I think the biggest thing I've noticed is that I'm not sacrificing my happiness for the sake of others as much. I’m not feeling the usual anxiety, guilt or responsibility for other people's feelings. I'm kinder to myself and I've more hope for the future.
The impact of coaching has been that now I am less afraid of failure. I'm more hopeful so I'll try more, do more, fail more and discover more.
Ana is reflective, kind but firm. She doesn't let me laugh off or avoid what I don't want to face. I can go on a long tangent in which I'm barely sure where I started and Ana is able to reflect it back to me, pick out the key points and challenge it so that I feel clearer and more in control of my own narrative.


Head of Marketing services

Ana "takes no prisoners”, in the nicest possible way. She has an instinct for honing in on what one might be resisting, and creating a safe space to explore it together.  Her methodical, practical, robust approach really helps one to move through creative blocks or crises of confidence, facing ones fears without quite realising that is what you are doing.  I highly recommend her.

Elizabeth Stopford

I am definitely not exaggerating when I say that Ana's help through her life coaching sessions has literally changed my life in many positive aspects...I often felt frustrated and anxious and would always blame my past and childhood experiences for it without seeking for any solutions. After my first hour at Ana's studio, I knew I had to come back. This one first hour with her was absolutely incredible. I came in like an empty frustrated dark box full of anxiety and hidden fears and left happy and feeling like a walking rainbow...In the past I visited a few psychologists.. I would always end up repeating myself, blaming others for my misery and never finding the root nor the solution for anything.  Ana surprisingly recognized patterns, frustrations and issues I was having and by using her direct, honest and precise techniques she challenged me and helped me finding the answers to many questions I had been ignoring that were of great importance for evolving as a human and artist.

Andrea Bonilla

I have gained a lot from coaching: new perspectives on some of my established thought patterns about my life situation; clarity on areas I felt somewhat lost or disengaged from in my life and a better overview of different areas of my life, where my priorities lie and what to focus on going forwards.
The sessions with Ana have helped me get rid of, or at least quieten, limiting beliefs about my practice, self-worth, career etc., which ultimately increase my confidence.  Ana  challenges me to reconsider terms and concepts I use regularly in a new light. She asks questions which can be, at times, somewhat uncomfortable because they encourage me to step outside of my comfort zone.
Ana is very holistic and it’s clear that she brings a well-rounded experience of different tools and techniques to the coaching sessions.
She is very firm, professional and sharp, and at the same time has a warm and welcoming nature.
She is incredibly good at structuring every session and makes sure that I walk away with new insight, action points or specific things to think about each time.
Her notes that she shares with me are also very useful for the week(s) following the session so I can refer back to them .
Through coaching I gained a new understanding of where I’m being held back by my own thoughts and I have realised that I have the power to make changes, however small or big. Ana has helped me see beyond some of the issues I can see myself, to discover some of the roots of my thought patterns and how to move on from there.

Julie Havelund
Dance Artist

Coaching became a regular time for reflection.  I gained a series of insights into my own behaviour and thinking, both professional and personal and a new readiness to accept situations as they are.  I think I also gained a new appreciation of my ability to improve situations and a true understanding of how much I value creativity.
My life has improved since coaching because I now have increased the time dedicated to creativity.  I am taking a more proactive approach to problematic situations.Coaching has challenged my expectations of the best way to approach my work or relationships. Ana provides very attentive listening, friendly warmth, a non-judgemental space. The most important insight I gained from coaching was increased awareness of my own behaviour and ways of thinking. 

Quinn Davis
Creative Director

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