About me

Vision. Values. Purpose.

I am devoted to facilitating transformation through self-awareness and through unleashing the creative self and I do this via personalised coaching, leadership development, creativity workshops and through writing.


My passion is to connect deeply with people using empathy, inspiring change and action. I am a big believer that we are all creative, and that by tapping into our own creative energy we can transform our lives, and fulfil our greatest potential. When we open ourselves to that creative force, many changes start occurring, and synchronicity starts showing us the path towards manifesting our dreams.

I work with all sort of artists supporting them to have the confidence to dig deep and make their work visible, but I'm particularly driven to support women artists overcome their most historic fears: not feeling safe and not being liked.

Current clients are actors, writers, directors, film makers, illustrators, animators and designers.


I also work as school improvement advisor across different schools in England rated as failing, and requiring improvement. Inside the school walls, I help headteachers create a change in culture, curriculum, and systems. I am highly effective at energising individual leaders and teams to catalyse genuine transformation and create a culture for sustainable growth.


I am also a certified actor and creative director. I have written, produced and staged three plays in London: ‘an act of love’, ‘dark room’, and ‘genetic identity’, and I have delivered an extensive amount of workshops using acting and art, as a vehicle of transformation. This work has given me the unique opportunity to travel and work internationally in India, Brazil, USA and Europe.


I am actively involved in governance and sit on the board of Trustees of a bilingual Anglo-Portuguese free school.


I live in East London with my wife, our baby son, and my cat. 



I'm passionate about

  • Freeing people's creativity to create the life they want and deserve

  • Giving you tools to practise the art of creative living

  • Dissolving blocks and transforming lives by engaging your own creative power

  • The ripple effect of synchronicity once you are aligned with your authentic purpose

  • Cultivating the confidence in your unique value and voice

  • Leading in a culture of change

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