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About me

Vision. Values. Purpose.

I'm passionate about facilitating transformation through self-awareness and through unleashing the creative self and I do this via personalised coaching, leadership development, and advisory consultancy.

With years of professional experience in the fields of education and the arts, I have developed a unique way of working with clients  deeply connecting with them. My laser focused approach can be challenging, but through radical honesty and deep caring, I have  helped artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and senior leaders and executives transform their work and lives. I use tools from psychology, neuroscience, spirituality and cognitive sciences in my bespoke work.

I have helped artists and leaders be more aware of themselves, find states of flow, produce better outcomes, and manage their performance in ways that support their growth, and expand their unique selves.

I am a catalyst of rapid change, and have an intuitive ability to guide others so they can take responsibility, find their purpose, and create the behaviours and thoughts that lead to more meaningful lives.

I am an expert in managing change and improvement, but I require commitment and dedication to doing 'the work'. 

I follow ICF guidelines and will refer clients to therapy or other coaches when they are not a good match. 

I work in a holistic way approaching all areas of life: career, relationships, finance, environment, spiritual, physical and emotional states. 

​My understanding of the creative process, expertise in how humans learn, knowledge of the mind and brain, and experience in leadership and management make me into a unique coach who is passionate about creativity, education and the arts, and is committed to being of service to others, to create a new paradigm shift in business, politics, education and the arts that will carry us forward through our current crisis, to create a new mindset that will uphold us to become who we aspire to be. 




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