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About me

As a certified and accredited transformational coach, I've walked alongside numerous mid and senior professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs in the creative fields, as well as the Educational, Cultural & Arts sectors, guiding them toward a mindset primed for impact, efficacy, and a life rich in creativity.


My commitment lies in not just reviving but flourishing the creative industries and arts during times of change and uncertainty. I passionately believe in their pivotal role in our current landscape. I consider myself an insider-outsider, a maverick, and a truth-teller.


If you're yearning for a more meaningful, impactful, and rewarding journey but find yourself battling frustrations and anxieties within a competitive and uncertain system, you're not alone. I serve as a thinking partner, fostering awareness and crafting multiple solutions, paving the way for confidence, organization, and motivation.


My focus? Result-driven change.


  • Master time management and organizational skills for maximum efficiency.

  • Gain profound self-awareness and fresh insights for empowered decision-making.

  • Foster healthier, more productive relationships.

  • Cultivate the confidence to lead, innovate, and challenge norms.

  • Achieve equilibrium between work and life, nurturing personal well-being.

  • Acquire tools to conquer creative blocks and anxiety.

  • Experience measurable happiness in your journey!


Why partner with me?


  • Decades of experience in education and the arts.

  • ICF certified coaching expertise.

  • Precision-focused strategies tailored uniquely for you.

  • Radically honest, deeply caring guidance.

  • A rich toolkit drawn from psychology, neuroscience, spirituality, and cognitive sciences.

  • Expertise across teaching, leadership, management, directing, coaching, and mentorship.

  • The ability to catalyze rapid, transformative change.

Let's embark on this transformative journey together, where creativity and personal growth intersect to redefine success on your terms.

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