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About me

I am a certified and accredited transformational coach working in the creative industries and in senior leadership. I’ve helped hundreds of mid and senior professionals, leaders, freelancers and entrepreneurs from the creative industries, and the educational and Arts sectors create the mindset shifts needed to lead a creative life with impact, efficacy and ease.

I am committed to the re-invention of the creative industries and the arts to ensure not only survival, but thriving. I believe the creative industries have a key role to play in times of change and crisis and are pivotal to the times we are now living.
I am an insider-outsider, a maverick, a wisdom teller, a truth speaker.
Typically my clients come to me be because they have the desire to do something meaningful, impactful and rewarding and sometimes they also feel frustrated and anxious with the system, having to hustle and navigate a very competitive and uncertain career in volatile times, on their own. 
Sounds familiar?
I am a thinking partner helping you raise awareness and generate multiple solutions, feeling confident, organised and motivated. 
• Better time management and organisation
• New insights and self knowledge
• Healthier interpersonal relationship dynamics
• Confidence to lead new projects, take initiative, challenge others, innovate
• Better work/life balance & integration
• Tools to overcome creative blocks and anxiety
• Happiness- you go measure that!
Why choose to work with me: 
• Years of professional experience in education and the arts
• ICF certified coach
• Laser focused approach
• Radically honest and deeply caring
• Tools from psychology, neuroscience, spirituality, and cognitive sciences
• Expertise and qualifications in teaching, leadership and management, directing, coaching and mentorship.
• Catalyst of rapid change and ability to guide others




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