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Leadership coaching & Supervision

Whether you're a professional seeking personal growth or a team looking to enhance collaboration and performance, my comprehensive coaching programs are designed to help you unlock your leadership potential and achieve extraordinary results. With my experience in senior leadership, and as an internal leadership coach in organisations- you'll embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and skill development that will empower you and your team to thrive in today's dynamic and competitive landscape. Leadership coaching is often sponsored by the employer and I work in alignment with organisational goals.

Video Consultation


Individual Coaching

Individual coaching programs are tailored to your specific goals, challenges, and aspirations. Through deep-dive assessments, one-on-one sessions, and targeted exercises, you will be guided on a transformative journey to unlock your leadership potential. With a focus on self-reflection, skill development, and personalized action plans, individual coaching will empower you to overcome obstacles, maximize your strengths, and achieve your professional objectives.


Team Coaching

My team coaching programs are designed to unleash the collective potential of your group. Whether you're an intact team, a cross-functional group, or a leadership team, I will facilitate a collaborative process to strengthen communication, foster trust, and enhance overall team performance. Through customised workshops, team assessments, and ongoing support, I help teams align their goals, leverage diverse strengths, and maximise creativity.

Virtual Team Meeting


Group Coaching Retreat

Designed for creatives seeking to kickstart their projects, my annual retreat offers group coaching sessions, peer support, individual guidance, skill-building workshops, and inspiring environments. Creative Uprising is committed to making coaching democratic and affordable, ensuring that all individuals can participate and benefit. The next cohort starts Spring 2024, so contact us today to secure your spot and unleash your creative potential.


Coaching Supervision

My coaching supervision service is all about supporting your growth and effectiveness as a coach. I understand the importance of continuous learning and development in the coaching profession, and I'm here to provide you with a confidential and reflective space. Together, we can explore your coaching practice, gain valuable insights, and enhance your coaching skills.  Whether you're a new coach or an experienced practitioner, my supervision service is designed to help you thrive and excel in your coaching journey. Let's embark on this transformative process together. Spaces avaialble from January 2024. Contact me now to join waiting list.

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