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Are you ready to change?
Then join me in the:

1:1 Coaching

Are you ready to create a fulfilling and abundant life ? 

Join my  incredibly supportive 3 months or 6 months 1:1 coaching programme which provides you with the blueprint, accountability and personalised support you need to accelerate your professional, creative and personal growth. 

If you are ready to: 

• Gain new insights and self knowledge leading you to be an authority in your field
• Have healthier relationships and build effective partnerships and teams
• Build confidence to lead new projects, take initiative, challenge others and innovate
• Create better work/life balance & integration
• Accelerate your  growth to have a powerful message that stands out from the crowd and makes a real difference in the world
• Better leverage your time and energy, so you can make more whilst working less
• Embrace your immense potential and power, creating the abundant  life you have always wanted…


  ...then 1:1 Coaching is a fit for you!

Image by Anderson Rian

Can you see how this would transform your personal and professional life? 

Then book a free discovery session now.

The truth is that having a rewarding creative life does not have to feel so hard and frustrating....

…but it might feel this way for you right now. 
Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by your to-do list and struggling to prioritise your time. 

Or maybe you feel that even though you are having some success , you don’t feel fully innovative and creative.

Deep down you know you are capable of so much more and have a burning desire to make a bigger impact and income.

If this sounds familiar – then I get it… 

For years I worked in ways that were not aligned with my authentic self and created work which was either highly paid but unfulling, or highly creative but poorly paid. 

It took me time to find a balance and learn what was the essence of my work and what my true purpose was. But once I connected with my strengths, wisdom and intuition,  I started having the freedom to be creative, bring myself fully present, create new and fun relationships and have the income I deserve.

If you want to enjoy extraordinary growth in your personal, professional, and creative life,  then you
need support, and that’s what 1:1 coaching can  provide you… 

Elizabeth Stopford

Film Director

"Ana takes no prisoners, in the nicest possible way. She has an instinct for honing in on what one might be resisting, and creating a safe space to explore it together".

Julie Havelund

Dance Artist

"I gained a new understanding of where I’m being held back by my own thoughts and I have realised that I have the power to make changes".

Max Percy

Theatre Director

“Working with Ana improved my leadership so rapidly in ways I did not anticipate. Not only I became more confident but my relationships with others significantly improved too.”

Introducing Metamorphosis

This three or six  months program provides you with the blueprint, accountability, support and encouragement you need to make the changes you want, and grow in impact, resilience and visibility.

With one to one coaching you’ll have the support you need to achieve your goals with ease.

We will meet fortnightly, face to face or online, for one hour over three or six months.

The process will be led by you, as the programme is bespoke to your needs, but I will get you to the outcome you desire.

Each session starts with an agreement on what we are wanting to achieve, each time, and overall. The space is confidential and every topic is welcome. I coach in a holistic manner, so you will be seen as a resourceful and whole being. We will need to address all areas of your life that have an impact on your performance. Then, we start creating a vision and pinpointing which aspects need to be transformed.

We look into what obstacles or limiting beliefs are in the way, and we work to reshape your narrative, and better define your values and priorities. I work in a deep laser focused way, which can at times be challenging, but I am very compassionate, honest and non-judgemental.


I am very intuitive and sensitive to the emotional and spiritual dimensions of life. Once you feel ready, I will help you set actions to start implementing your desired reality.


You will gain tools to develop different areas of your personal and professional life:

  • Managing the environment

  • Developing a vision

  • Influencing and relating to others

  • Habits of productivity/ creative habits

  • Action planning

  • Progress tracking and evaluation

  • Overcoming resistance

  • Methodologies of work in progress

  • Vulnerability and visibility

  • Managing self (emotions, relationships, trauma)

  • Purpose, mission and connection

No more feeling confused and overwhelmed trying to figure it out on your own!  I will be cheerleading you on as you step outside of your comfort zone and achieve your big goals.

In your sessions with me you’ll experience a space where you feel safe to be vulnerable and share what is true for you, so you can finally embrace your true brilliance, step into your full potential and make an extraordinary impact with your life this year.

Here's how Metamorphosis works:

Step 1

Discovery Session

Book a discovery call

This is when we check if we are a good match, what you're looking for and how I can help.


Step 2

Sign your agreement

If we both decide we are a good match you can choose if you want to work with me for six sessions, over three months or twelve sessions over six months. We will then agree our coaching aims and terms and conditions of our contract.

You will decide which features you want your programme to include and based on this, we will agree a package price.

Step 3 

Pay your investment

Payments can be done in full in advance which is the best value option. Alternatively, you can pay in monthly instalments, with an interest fee. I will provide you with clear payment plans for you to choose from, so if you prefer to pay as you go, you can do so with a click. 

Step 4

Once you enrol, you can book your sessions online 'as you go' but I recommend booking in advance to secure your regular slot. Sessions can always be cancelled or rescheduled online, up to 24h in advance, free of charge.

Book your sessions

What's included?

1:1 Coaching

We will meet every fortnight for one hour online/ face to face.

What's app

We can keep in touch by what's app in between sessions.


You can opt in to receive email notes after our sessions.

Face to face

We can meet in my private practice in East London.

Jacqui Chanarin

Senior Lecturer, Ceramicist 

“Thank you so much for the notes from the session. I am aware how you build on what happens there in this written feedback- very valuable to reflect upon".

Dr. Khairani Barokka

Writer, Researcher 

"Ana has a great way of synthesising quickly and coherently the heart of the issue, and what needs to be done.  Coaching helped me be holistically healthy, including financially healthy."

Join now

I believe in you,

I know you have immense power within you,

You can achieve your dreams,

Even if you don’t know how yet


So, if you feel:


…a desire to create a bigger impact 

…willing to engage with this life changing process

…Ready to take your life to the Next Level



Then join the Metamorphosis Programme…

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