Coaching programmes

We meet weekly or fortnightly online or in my practice (face to face) for one hour. The process is led by you but I will get to the outcome you desire. Each session starts with an agreement on what we are wanting to achieve, each time and overall.  The space is confidential and every topic is welcome.

Still Life

A 60 minutes free session to delve into something that is important to you. This session is an insight into what coaching can feel like. You will gain clarity, and insight on a particular issue that you will bring. We will also spend 30 minutes of the session discussing what coaching could do for you and what you want to work towards in your bigger vision. You can then decide if coaching is for you or not. 

Yoga at Home

This is a 3 months partnership- a good format to help you gain momentum and reflect on your progress. You will be able to learn key tools to support you implement the changes you want to make and create a lasting impact. This is a good length of time to develop clarity on the vision you want to create, why do you want it, and what's stopping you from doing it. I'll be with you all the way.

  • 6x 60mns sessions

  • email correspondence

  • session follow ups

  • What's app chat in between sessions

Discovery Session

Connection Programme

Metamorphosis Programme





This is a 6 months partnership and my most popular programme due to its incredible value.

Unlike other coaching programmes, the Metamorphosis coaching programme is designed specifically for all creatives, independently of their creative practice- we don’t focus on form, we focus on essence- your essence. 

  • Ongoing support via email and what’s app 

  • Ongoing homework to develop creative habits 

  • Accountability tracker, feedback and guidance on your creative progress if requested

  •  Calls in-between sessions when needed (up to 30mns)


·       12x 60 mns sessions 

Butterfly Collage

Flying Solo


3 Months

6 Powerful Deep Coaching Sessions

No contact

This is a format for those who like to be solo flyers and want no contact in between sessions. With this programme you only buy the coaching hours: no emails will follow up, no what's app chat, no phone calls in between sessions. 

You are welcome to take notes during your sessions, but you won't receive any resources to support you. You're on their own and that may be just what you need.

6x 60mns sessions

Reading a Book

My method

It all starts with a powerful conversation. The first coaching session is always free. We sit down, I'll invite you to relax, breathe and talk, finding a timeless space within, from which, I listen. I will stay present with you and then, the questions unfold and reveal clearly and precisely, a new perspective . This is coaching- hard to explain, hard to understand, meant to be experienced.

My coaching programmes are flexible and tailored to the needs of the client, but we will go through an evolving process to Awake, Believe, Create and Achieve. 


1. Awake - What is your vision? What is success? What would be extraordinary?

2. Believe- If you believed you are unique and have a unique purpose what would be different? What inspires you? What are you meant to do?

3. Create- How can you let go of the past? How can you stop your mind from getting in the way? What strategy do you need moving forward? What tactics and steps?

4- Achieve- What do you want to achieve? How do you take care of your energy? Where is your focus?