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I am so pleased to announce that I will be launching a new group coaching programme for creative parents. As some of you know, I became a mother two years ago.

I know, not that long ago, but I can't believe it's been this long already! I am not an expert in parenting, not at all, but the coaching programme is not aimed to give you parenting advice.

As a parent I had a difficult start of my journey. After four years of IVF, with many grieving moments, I had a very premature child who was in neonatal intensive care for two months and we were separated at birth. On numerous occasions I wasn't sure the baby would survive.The world was stuck in a pandemic. I had no support and was suffering from a chronic illness which was delayed at being diagnosed due to the lack of midwife appointments I received due to the pandemic. Once the baby was here, my partner and I were not allowed to visit together; no family members were allowed at my home, let alone at the hospital. I did not have a group to support me because meetings weren't happening and the baby came before my NCT group started online anyway! Needless to say the whole journey was rather traumatic.

Thankfully, I have been extremely blessed in receiving much therapy since, both privately and on the NHS. As a coach, I dedicated myself to working through all the issues I faced, and I am proud to say that I came out the other side, much richer and abundantly blessed. I was of course one of the lucky ones, who ended up with a healthy toddler, and I still hold hands in groups of mothers who lost their babies. But for me my breakdown became a breakthrough!

The most crucial aspect of my journey was to hold hands. To be in a group. And to meet other mums who were going through similar processes. Additionally, I had a business to run, and a book to write.

So, I felt that the group held me accountable and kept me feeling supported, inspired and energised.

Through this journey, I have learnt a huge amount about mothering, perinatal mental health, and what it means to be a creative, freelancing and mothering...

I have led many groups of artists through group coaching and know how powerful the programme can be. I now want to extend the invitation to all mothers, and those who identify as parents, to join me and others who are creatives through my coaching programme starting on the 27/06/22.

If you are interested or know someone who might be please visit my website, read more about THE NURTURE, and GROUP COACHING, and get in touch. This will be a unique opportunity to receive coaching and create more HEART and ART SPACE!

I will be announcing more about the programme in the lead up to it before you need to decide if it is for you. Get in touch to receive more information before you decide if you want to take part.


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