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Coaching in times of change

Dealing with forces out of your control

Given the times we are experiencing, it is fundamental that we prioritise self care and find a space where we can connect with ourselves and find solutions that move us forward. Coaching is the ideal space to do so, and it happens online. Make isolation your new connection! 

No better time to set a 90 days goal and go for it! Let me help you thrive!

Aims of coaching programme

How can coaching help me in these times ?

This is a bespoke programme devised to support you to: 

  • Manage change

  • Transition from a consumer to a creator mindset

  • Create a vision for the future

  • Manage anxiety and fear

  • Find new solutions for your business

  • Find effective ways to home schooling

  • Deal with ambivalence, uncertainty and worry

  • Improve relationships with those who are closer to you

  • Improve your relationship with your self and manage loneliness

  • Reflect on your true values and purpose

  • Make each day productive

Isolate to self connect


We will talk weekly or every fortnight, for one hour, for six online sessions. 

We will define the goals for your programme, create a roadmap and navigate this together. The first session is free. 


  • Emotional management

  • Self awareness 

  • Action Plan

  • Progress tracking

Social distancing connect 

Group coaching

I will hold coaching space for a group of 4 to 6 clients. The groups will be formed according to locations and, or, similar circumstances.

We will meet as a group online, every fortnight, for six sessions. You will also have a 1:1 session with me. 


  • Learn coaching tools

  • Connect with others



The first session is free. So just use it- you will find value in it! 

Coaching is an investement on yourself. I can not emphasise enough how important your self care is at this stage. Coaching is the mechanism of clearing your mind and this virus is the opportunity to face and do the mind clearing needed to start life afresh. 

However, I understand that many of you are going through some really challenging financial times, specially those who have lost their income due to this crisis. I am therefore offering a 50% discount to those who need it, until June. 

Get in touch to discuss your situation. I am here to help! 

This is your time.

You were made for this!

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