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Leadership Coaching

Coaching is becoming central to the way that many organisations support professional development and well being initiatives and enhance the quality of performance.

I work with a variety of organisations, ensuring the alignment of my work with the wider strategic aims of the sponsors.

Benefits of coaching

  • Enhancing learning and development opportunities

  • Developing self awareness and personal responsibility

  • Developing self directed learning within the organisation

  • Creating supportive and encouraging professional environments

  • Increasing engagement and creating positive leading cultures

What is it?

  • A collaborative, non directive conversation that brings about change through inquiry and reflection, where the coach facilitates the self-directed learning of the coachee. 


  • It explores one's inner world of beliefs, assumptions, values and expectations through active listening and appropriate challenge in order to create a better performance in each individual, unleashing their full potential. 

How does it work?

In addition to traditional coaching interactions (one-to-one conversations) there are a variety of ways in which coaching can have a positive and transformational impact.


Here are some of the ways in which I work with leaders:

  • Developmental coaching is about improving skills and knowledge, providing frameworks for effective work-life balance as well as developing sound emotional intelligences which are all oriented towards good leadership.

  • At an interpersonal level, I support a leader in a new role and help teams set the bar for excellence in behaviour.

  • At an organisational level, I can support the succession planning process by helping people realise their potential as well as help fast-track the “rising stars” or those leading transformational change.

First 90 Days Coaching

For leaders who are new to post

This type of coaching programme is designed to support new leaders, or senior leaders during their first 90 days in a new role. It is a powerful way of providing strategic support during a very important period in a leader's professional life. Often, the tone of the leader's style and their vision is set during this period.

Key areas addressed:

  • Vision 

  • Type of leadership

  • Systems and expectations

  • Relationships (with staff, team, board of directors and all stakeholders)

Coaching for leadership development

All leaders

This coaching programme is bespoke to fit in the professional development plan of the organisation, attending to its context. It provides a sounding board for the strategic development of the different areas of  the organisation ensuring that all coachees involved are clearly aligned and positively contribute to the quality of performance and outcomes. 

Solution focused coaching

For emerging


This coaching programme focuses primarily on the quality of thinking as the central component for the learning experience of coachees. It aims to support leaders in developing awareness of their practice to become reflective leaders as well as challenging them to continue to improve their performance.

The coaching approach aims to create a culture of feedback which makes leaders autonomous, collaborative and the drivers of their own professional development.  

Deep dive

Senior and executive leaders

A variety of coaching conversations with senior leaders,  focusing on different layers of their leadership. An inspirational and motivational programme to support leaders to reflect on the intent of their leadership, how well it is implemented and its impact on the organisation A transformational journey to engage leadership teams in the deep purpose and meaning their work has, and the ripple effects created by their values and beliefs. 

Glass Buildings

15 years of


The know-how you need

  • National Professional Qualification in Senior Leadership

  • Experienced leadership adviser

  • Experienced in a variety of senior leadership positions

  • Accredited certified coach


Each programme is bespoke with the goals for the coaching agreed between the sponsor (the organisation), the coachee and coach. The initial meeting between the three parties includes an agreement on confidentiality so the coachee is able to trust the process and feel the safe space that is required for coaching to be effective. The programme (minimum six sessions to maximum a year) will then be planned with the agreed overarching goal in mind, and each session will be client led. This means that the programme is only a framework and guideline, but it gives both the sponsor and the coachee an idea of the process of growth in the sessions.

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