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A lot of people think a creative successful life is just for the very few. 

In this ebook you will learn the three myths about creativity and how a mindset of abundance and detachment can enhance your power of manifestation.

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You are here because...


You are driven by a mission and want to impact people in a positive way !

You are a creative soul who needs a business mindset... or...

You are a business owner who needs a creative spirit !

You want to deepen your creative edge to expand, grow in all areas and UPRISE!


Here are some of the ways I can help you:

Helping creatives, leaders and entrepreneurs in their personal and professional development


Personalised bespoke programmes

creative time immersion

Group coaching programme


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Meet Ana Baldaia- Founder

I support professionals in the creative industries, freelancers, founders and entrepreneurs who are seeking clarity in their career and life purpose to create a structure and trajectory so that they feel confident and motivated to lead their profitable creative projects.

I am a professional coach with a track record of effective leadership in education, arts and culture.

 I am committed to creative and financial freedom; personal and spiritual growth; and a true believer that our world needs a creative uprising to heal, regenerate and evolve.

Drawing from the solid foundations of psychology, change theory, and humanistic practice, my approach equips me to work with clients at a profound level. Embracing a transformative perspective, I guide individuals to delve deep within themselves, facilitating their exploration of beliefs, values, assumptions, and unique lenses through which they perceive the world. With expertise as a life coach, executive coach, and internal coach specializing in creativity and leadership, I am dedicated to empowering individuals on their personal and professional journeys of growth and development.

Ready to get started?

Simply book a complimentary call with me to talk about your aspirations, goals and needs. You’ll get to know the steps you need to take to achieve your vision, and discover which of my programs is the best fit to help you with this.

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Max Percy
Theatre Director

Scotsman Fringe First Award winner

I hired Ana to support me throughout the process of directing my last theatre show. I was managing many people and there were insecurities and thoughts I wouldn’t be able to share with the rest of the team. Having Ana to bounce ideas off, allowed me to trust and be bold, it allowed me to create the art that I truly wanted to see and feel much more confident.

Creativity is a messy and difficult process, and coaching allowed me to create and sustain my practice and enjoy my job much more."


Andrea Bonilla
Writer, Zurich

I am definitely not exaggerating when I say that Ana's help  has literally changed my life.

  I came in like an empty frustrated dark box full of anxiety and hidden fears and left  feeling like a walking rainbow. Ana surprisingly recognised patterns, frustrations and issues I was having and by using her direct, honest and precise techniques she challenged me and helped me getting my book off the ground. I now have a published book as a result, which is currently being translated to be published in a different language. 

Image by Chris Murray

Elizabeth Stopford
Film Director

BAFTA nominated


Ana "takes no prisoners”, in the nicest possible way. She has an instinct for honing in on what one might be resisting, and creating a safe space to explore it together.  Her methodical, practical, robust approach really helps one to move through creative blocks or crises of confidence, facing one's fears without quite realising that is what you are doing. 

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