Helping creatives, leaders and entrepreneurs in their personal and professional development

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I help creatives, leaders and entrepreneurs grow in self awareness, resilience, presence and impact . I am a thinking partner, supporting them navigate their life and career, generating multiple solutions and ways to lead their life and work with meaning and purpose. I use tools from psychology, neuroscience, spirituality and cognitive sciences in my bespoke work. I am holistic in my approach in that I believe the client is resourceful and wholesome. And I am radically honest, working in a deep laser focused way,  going way beneath the surface of what is said, in both a supportive and challenging way. 

I am an ICF accredited coach with expertise and professional experience in the fields of leadership and creativity, in both the arts and educational sectors.


Providing you with a safe space to relax, think and grow

I work mostly online- on Zoom- so you can have your sessions from the comfort of your home, wherever in the world you are.

But if you prefer face to face work, I am a member of the Hackney Therapy House, and can provide you access to fully private rooms, complimentary tea and water, and individualised care in the heart of bubbly London.

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Ana "takes no prisoners”, in the nicest possible way. She has an instinct for honing in on what one might be resisting, and creating a safe space to explore it together.  Her methodical, practical, robust approach really helps one to move through creative blocks or crises of confidence, facing ones fears without quite realising that is what you are doing. 

Elizabeth Stopford/ Film Director 

Life and executive

For all types of creatives, independently of their creative practice. 


Group coaching programme

Leading a creative life

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A lot of people think a creative successful life is just for the very few. 

In this ebook you will learn the three myths about creativity and how a mindset of abundance and detachment can enhance your power of manifestation.

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Alex Marlow,
Actor, UK 

Ana can be challenging and interrogative without being antagonistic, she is supportive and uplifting– being coached by her has enabled me to grow and sustain self-confidence.  I found the coaching programme motivating and encouraging.  I went in not knowing what to expect and have come out of the other side with so much benefit from it!

I had a challenging and wonderful enlightening experience.


Andrea Bonilla
Writer, Zurich

I am definitely not exaggerating when I say that Ana's help  has literally changed my life.

  I came in like an empty frustrated dark box full of anxiety and hidden fears and left  feeling like a walking rainbow. Ana surprisingly recognised patterns, frustrations and issues I was having and by using her direct, honest and precise techniques she challenged me and helped me finding the answers to many questions I had been ignoring that were of great importance for evolving as a human and artist. 


Chloe Clements
Designer, Australia

Ana has helped me not only change my mind set on how I view myself as an artist in this big world but she has also given me the confidence and tools that I need to tackle anything that may come my way. I have much more clarity in my purpose here, in this crazy world, particularly after the pandemic and have much more sense of what I can give and make a difference with, this will forever be my drive to the opportunities and success I see in my future.

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