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Leading a 

successfull Life


Would you love to consistently create high quality work that you can be recognised and rewarded for?

The 'Leading a successful creative life' masterclass programme will help you establish yourself as an authority in your field, create new professional relationships and take the steps needed to lead a creative fulfilling professional life.

This masterclass is for you if:

  • You are frustrated not knowing how to fully reach your creative potential

  • You feel that there are not enough hours in a day to get through all you need to do, so you end up self-sabotaging your own projects

  • You find it hard to navigate the tricky polarity of taking creative risks whilst maintaining a reputation

  • You would like a strategic partner to help you manage or retain a team, create new relationships with clients, agents, producers, sponsors or investors

  • You feel isolated in your path ( a freelancer, founder or director) and would like to strengthen your creative community


Imagine how your creative challenges would be transformed and solved  if you could have a pool of talent and advice on tap whenever you need – this is exactly what this masterclass programme provides!

How this programme will benefit you: 

This transformational program will completely change your experience of the creative process and your perspective of a creative career– making it a clear, intentional and meaningful process that allows you to consistently find  flow whilst keeping the discipline to implement habits which are essential to position yourself in such a competitive market.

With our guidance, you will learn how who you are matters more than your role, so you can redefine success, align yourself with your purpose, and create a clear vision for your future.

Right now you are probably deeply frustrated with the system, you may even feel that your work is undervalued, and you might keep procrastinating on that project you have always wanted to do but are unsure how to start. We believe that your time, energy and gifts are too valuable to be wasted by a self-critical voice which keeps creating resistance, and stopping you from expanding your impact. 

This is why this masterclass focuses on shifting your mindset to build a secure sense of self.

Our masterclass will cover a sequence of steps to help you start generating the quality work that is within you, whilst on this program.

We will help you overcome any old money stories, and teach you how to handle your creative life and financial goals in a way that is 100% in alignment with your values and integrity.

You will learn how some of your limiting beliefs may be holding you back from moving forth financially and start creating goals that will bring you more visibility and credibility. 

You’ll learn that marketing can also be creative so you can feel motivated to get your content seen, so you can feel clear about pitching and selling your work if that is the case for you.

We will also focus on how you relate to others and how your light can shine brighter when you are connected.


Join us...

“What you learn in this masterclass is transformational. To be creative you have to navigate polarities: you need to learn to be vulnerable and strong; think outside time and show up consistently to gain visibility; be free and yet have the discipline to get things done. This masterclass is the foundation you need to successfully grow and find flow".




You’ll Become Confident about being an Authority in Your Field

•    You will learn to define and evaluate the essence of your work;

•    You will tap into the essence of your work and understand who is it for;

•    You will know your purpose and understand how your creative work connects with your higher call;

•    You will harness your strengths and know your areas for development.


You’ll Consistently implement systems and methods to embed creative habits 

•    You will understand the importance of discipline over inspiration or motivation;

•    You will learn how to be a strong decision maker and be held accountable for your own work;

•    You will build connections and resilience at a personal and  professional level


You’ll Authentically Develop a Creative Mindset

•    You will learn how to manage your mind in order to fully trust yourself and believe in your work;

•    You will understand the difference between an amateur and professional through understanding the importance of failure;

•    You will discover the exact points that create resistance within you so you can overcome all obstacles holding you back;

•    You will get over your fear of rejection and become more compassionate towards your self; 

•    You will gain the ability to take risks and feel vulnerable and uncomfortable .

You will learn to nurture an abundant mindset

•    You will connect with your adaptive child, or child ego- as you become more aware of your triggers, and automated responses. 

•    You will overcome any old beliefs you have about your value, so you can be visible and make the impact you are here to make

•    You will learn to approach your work from a position of giving and receiving, rather than scarcity.

•    You will have clear financial goals that you can work towards. 


You’ll learn tools for Connection and Visibility

•    You will learn how the creative process has three phases and how to maximise each part to create a successful loop; 

•    You’ll learn how to create an integrated content marketing strategy across multiple platforms ;

•    You’ll understand clearly your message so you can communicate it effectively to your audience;

•    You’ll overcome any fears you have of live streaming or showing your work online; 

•    You’ll understand how the world needs your creativity and how it is waiting for you.



•    You will receive accountability each week on our weekly group coaching calls, so you will not be able to procrastinate or fall behind 

•    Our weekly group coaching sessions are focused on supporting you with taking action, and will support you to take the daily actions that will lead to your success

•    You will be part of a small group of no more than ten likeminded creatives who will be your cheerleaders on your journey to success

Here's how this programme is being delivered:
  • 12 Live Group Coaching Sessions over  six months delivered by Zoom and recorded so you can access them any time.

  • Access to the Worksheets for the 6 modules teaching curriculum above

  • Weekly Q&A with me on Facebook live where you can ask questions and receive support 

  • Support via a Dedicated Private Support Group where you can post questions at any time during the six months and receive support as well as connect with other participants.

"Coaching gave me a much more pragmatic method of organising myself. I have become more secure, grounded and focused.These sessions have become a seed of change. 
Ana is excellent at reflecting back my own thoughts but with a different emphasis to what my mind would sometimes focus on.
She has excellent tools and knows how to implement them and guide us. "

Daniel Correia, Director and Producer 

Ready to Consistently Create High Quality Work that you can be recognised and rewarded for?

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