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Online group live Course

This course is for you if:

  • You are frustrated not knowing how to fully reach your creative potential

  • You feel that there are not enough hours in a day to get through all you need to do, so you end up self-sabotaging your own projects

  • You find it hard to navigate the tricky polarity of taking creative risks whilst making an income

  • You would like a strategic partner to help you find a trajectory in your career

  • You feel isolated in your path ( a freelancer, founder or director) and would like to strengthen your creative community

How this programme will benefit you: 

In this 6-months transformational CREATIVE TIME GROUP programme - you will discover the tools you need to overcome your fears of stepping up and creating your work SO THAT YOU clear any sense of failure you have around not being where you want yet and feel really comfortable in your skin as you enter the world of the creative process and get out into the industry with a clear plan to find and build the career of your dreams.  

The first month, I’m going to hold your hand and really walk you through a process of getting really clear on what kind of career you would like to build, as well as what has prevented you from having that in the past.


During the 2nd month we will work together to set up a schedule for yourself and your life SO THAT YOU feel grounded and confident in your life so as you start creating your projects, you will be coming from a place of being deeply connected to yourself.

The 3rd and 4th months we lay out a plan for you to get out there and communicate your message. I will help you authentically create your project SO THAT YOU don’t have to be urgent or reactive or fall into old patterns, which will help you attract new opportunities that are aligned with your values.


The 5th and 6th month will provide you support so that as you start creating outcomes and resistance starts coming up, you continue to show up, and I will be providing you with key exercises to keep you grounded in yourself and focused on what you want SO THAT YOU can start marketing your work and have a clear plan of action to make a profit.


Join us...

“What you learn in this course is transformational. To be creative you have to navigate polarities: you need to learn to be vulnerable and strong; think outside time and show up consistently to gain visibility; be free and yet have the discipline to get things done. This course is the foundation you need to successfully grow and find flow".



This is a 6 months programme



Week 1:  1:1 coaching session 1

Week 2: Group session #1  : CREATE Your Vision

Draft a clear vision of how your life will look like in all areas of your life, with a focus on your creative career



Week 3: Group session #2 : PURPOSE CLARITY

Craft a clear mission statement which can be used as a an elevator pitch; gain confidence in your message and learn to communicate it.


WEEK 4: 1:1 coaching session 2



Week 5 : Group session #3 : BUILD YOUR TOOLBOX

Learn practical ways to embed creative habits into your schedule, how to plan your week to get stuff done using productivity tools; create a mini plan that includes self care and a healthy 'mind diet'.


Week 6 : Group session #4 : BELIEF BUSTING

Gain awareness of your limiting beliefs, shift resistance into confidence, and get the mindset tools needed to lead a successful creative life




Week 7: 1: 1 coaching 3


Week 8 Group session #5 : EMBODIMENT: Abundant You

You will learn how your own old money stories are hindering you and will shift your mindset around money so that you feel confident and worthy to create clear financial goals; and understand how you can create profit from your skills.



Week 9 Group session #6 : STEP INTO VISIBILITY 

Design a service/ workshop/ proposal/ application to sell or request funding/ sponsorship so you can own your skills and increase your profit.



 Week 10: 1:1 Coaching session 4




Week 11: Group session #7 : CONNECT: STEP OUT     

Shift any resistance or overwhelm around marketing into a clear content plan to use in any social media platform (instagram, facebook or Linkedin); increase social media presence/ followers and network strategically to gain opportunities.


Week 12: Group session #9 : SUPPORT to NETWORK


Tapping into the inner child to eliminate comparison,  and develop self accountability; feeling peer support; and growing self esteem.







Here's how this programme is being delivered:
  • 7 Live Group Coaching Sessions over  six months delivered by Zoom and recorded so you can access them any time.

  • Access to the Worksheets for each and every session, culminating in a course workbook you can always revisit

  • 4 x 1:1 Coaching sessions with me on Zoom which you can schedule at your convenience

  • Support via a Dedicated Private Support Group where you can post questions at any time during the six months and receive support as well as connect with other participants.

"Coaching gave me a much more pragmatic method of organising myself. I have become more secure, grounded and focused.These sessions have become a seed of change. 
Ana is excellent at reflecting back my own thoughts but with a different emphasis to what my mind would sometimes focus on.
She has excellent tools and knows how to implement them and guide us. "

Daniel Correia, Director and Producer 


Then make sure you book a complimentary call with me to see if this course is right for you

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