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Online group coaching

STARTS 1st February 2024




I am ready to start playing a bigger game but I don't know how


I want more clarity and creativity but I don't know which direction to head in


I wish I had other creatives in my life who feel they were born for something bigger 

What is included in the mastermind


6 Live Group Coaching Sessions over 12 weeks delivered by Zoom and recorded so you can access them any time.


Access to the Worksheets for each and every session, culminating in a course workbook you can always revisit.


2 x 1:1 Coaching sessions with me on Zoom which you can schedule at your convenience at the beginning and end of the programme.


Support via a Dedicated Private What's app Group where you can post questions at any time during the twelve weeks and receive support as well as connect with other participants. 


Bonus LIVE in-person closing ceremony in East London! Venue tbc

How this mastermind will benefit you: 

In this intensive 12 weeks transformational CREATIVE MASTERMIND  - you will discover the tools you need to overcome your fears of stepping up and creating your work SO THAT YOU clear any sense of failure you have around not being where you want yet and feel really comfortable in your skin as you enter the world of the creative process and get out with a clear plan to share your work and fulfil your purpose.

In the first weeks, I’m going to hold your hand and really walk you through a process of getting really clear on what kind of project you would like to build, as well as what has prevented you from having that in the past. We will work together to set up a schedule for yourself and your life SO THAT YOU feel grounded and confident  so as you start creating your projects, you will be coming from a place of being deeply connected to yourself.

In the 2nd month we lay out a plan for you to get out there and communicate your message. I will help you authentically create your project SO THAT YOU don’t have to be urgent or reactive or fall into old patterns, which will help you attract new opportunities that are aligned with your values.


The mastermind will provide you with the support so that as you start creating outcomes and resistance starts coming up, you continue to show up, and I will be providing you with key exercises to keep you grounded in yourself and focused on what you want SO THAT YOU can have a clear plan of action to take the project to completion.

I understand that you may feel hesitant about participating in group coaching and prefer 1:1 coaching. However, I'd like to address your concerns and explain how group coaching can be valuable and effective.


While 1:1 coaching offers personalized attention, group coaching has its own unique advantages. In a small group setting, participants have the opportunity to engage actively and share their experiences, challenges, and insights. The group dynamic fosters a supportive and collaborative environment where individuals can learn from each other's perspectives and gain new insights that they might not have considered on their own.


In the group coaching sessions, we will utilize various interactive methods to ensure individual participation and engagement. Hot seating coaching allows each participant to receive focused coaching on their specific challenges or goals. This way, you'll have dedicated time to address your concerns and receive personalized guidance within the group setting.


Additionally, we will incorporate breakout rooms during sessions. This provides an opportunity for participants to apply the exercises and concepts we discuss in real-time. It allows for practical application and immediate feedback from both myself and other group members.


To enhance your coaching experience, you will also have access to a workbook with exercises. These exercises can be completed between sessions, allowing you to self-reflect, self-coach, and make progress on your own. You can bring any insights or questions from the workbook exercises to the group sessions for further discussion and exploration.


Furthermore, I will be available for ongoing support and Q&A through a private WhatsApp  group exclusively for the coaching participants. This allows for deeper engagement, additional guidance, and the opportunity to seek clarification on any topics or exercises.


Lastly, one of the benefits of group coaching is the therapeutic aspect. The connection and shared experiences within the group create a supportive and empathetic space. Participants often find comfort in knowing they are not alone in their challenges and can find inspiration and motivation from others' progress and successes. This sense of community and shared journey can be incredibly empowering and enriching.


While 1:1 coaching certainly has its merits, group coaching offers a unique set of advantages that can lead to profound growth and transformation. The combination of active participation, individualized attention through hot seating coaching, practical application in breakout rooms, workbook exercises, ongoing support, and the therapeutic group dynamic creates a comprehensive coaching experience.

VR Goggles
Working at home

Join us...

“What I learned in Ana's mastermind was transformational. To be creative you have to navigate polarities: you need to learn to be vulnerable and strong; think outside time and show up consistently to gain visibility; be free and yet have the discipline to get things done. Having this group was the foundation I needed to successfully grow and find flow".


Creative Director



This is a 12 weeks programme - next cohort starts in February 2024

Registration is NOW OPEN


Session 1:  1:1 coaching session 1 (Book any time in January)

Individual session to set up intentions for the MASTERMIND and how WE will meet your needs 

Session 2: Group session #1  : CREATE Your Vision 1st February 2024

Craft a clear mission statement which can be used as a an elevator pitch; gain confidence in your message and learn to communicate it.

Session 3: Group session #2 : PURPOSE CLARITY 15th February

Draft a clear vision of how your life will look like in all areas of your life, with a focus on your creative project and how this fits in your life. ALIGN WITH YOUR PURPOSE.

Session 4 : Group session #3 : BUILD YOUR TOOLBOX 29th February

Learn practical ways to embed creative habits into your schedule, how to plan your week to get stuff done using productivity tools; create a mini plan that includes self care and a healthy 'mind diet'.

Session 5 : Group session #4 : BELIEF BUSTING 14th March

Gain awareness of your limiting beliefs, shift resistance into confidence, and get the mindset tools needed to lead a successful creative life.

Session 6 Group session #5 : EMBODIMENT: Abundant You  28th March

You will learn how your own old money stories are hindering you and will shift your mindset around money so that you feel confident and worthy to create clear financial goals; and understand how you can create profit from your skills.

Live session 7 Group session #6 : STEP INTO VISIBILITY  TBC April

This will be a live session in April in London where we will connect in an in-person event focused on sharing outcomes from the mastermind and planning next steps.



  • 1:1 WRAP UP SESSION WITH A PLAN MOVING FORWARD (Book any time in April 24)

"Coaching gave me a much more pragmatic method of organising myself. I have become more secure, grounded and focused.These sessions have become a seed of change. 
Ana is excellent at reflecting back my own thoughts but with a different emphasis to what my mind would sometimes focus on.
She has excellent tools and knows how to implement them and guide us. "

Daniel Correia, Director and Producer 


Then make sure you book a complimentary call with me to see if this course is right for you


£100 month

(over 3 months)

PLUS £50 ( deposit non-refundable)


Paid in advance


My focus? Result-driven change.


  • Master time management and organizational skills for maximum efficiency.

  • Gain profound self-awareness and fresh insights for empowered decision-making.

  • Foster healthier, more productive relationships.

  • Cultivate the confidence to lead, innovate, and challenge norms.

  • Achieve equilibrium between work and life, nurturing personal well-being.

  • Acquire tools to conquer creative blocks and anxiety.

  • Experience measurable happiness in your journey!


Why partner with me?


  • Decades of experience in education and the arts.

  • ICF certified coaching expertise.

  • Precision-focused strategies tailored uniquely for you.

  • Radically honest, deeply caring guidance.

  • A rich toolkit drawn from psychology, neuroscience, spirituality, and cognitive sciences.

  • Expertise across teaching, leadership, management, directing, coaching, and mentorship.

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