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The point is we are all born creative. We are all born with the urge to mark make, speak, move, hide and seek, play. And all of these are impulses of the expression of our mind. At some point, some of us, lose the right to express ourselves creatively- we stop producing. We focus on consuming and our production becomes mindless- we do not express our mind, and yet we over identify with it, so much so that when we fear the expression of our mind may lead to criticism and rejection, and we associate the criticism of what we express to be the criticism of our mind, and therefore the rejection of our self.

If lack of expression, particularly creative expression, that expression which is unique to you, a manifestation of your impulses, urges and instinct is perpetuated, it leads to pent up, repressed emotion, and continuous lack of wellbeing or suffering. It is therefore essential for each and everyone of us, independently of our gifts and talents, to have a practice of creative expression, which is in fact innate to us, and natural to our species. The power of the brain can only be developed by the manifestation of the mind and the expression of the self. We are not our mind, we are what we make out of our mind, with our brain and our bodies.

It is my mission to unleash this creative expression in each person I come across- to inspire every soul to express itself, to manifest itself, to become real. And this book aims to give you the steps and the tools to reclaim the artist within you, so that you can heal your own wound of separation, and overcome your ego, to embrace your authentic self.


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