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Transformation post traumatic growth

Pre-pandemic people sought transformations which propelled them into action and created changes in their life. Most of these changes were external: career, outcomes, habits.

During the pandemic, people's structures and models of reference were shaken. The world was shaken. At a collective level, we have experienced a change in the conditions, expectations and norms. The uncertainty of the world became the only constant and the lack of control we experienced has played a part on the nature of the transformation we now seek.

If before, most people were searching to shake up the status quo with their art, their uniqueness, their creativity and their service; right now, most people are seeking to find stability, pattern, flow in a stormy world.

The transformation in a changing world is internal and takes the shape of stability. When everything around you is changing and in crisis, your own inner resources are called upon to create security.

In stormy seas, the vessel you want must be strong and stable to keep you safe.

This is a normal response to trauma, but it is also a mechanism of regulation and therefore, it's healthy.

If before, we were looking to stretch ourselves, create steering dynamics and push things forward; now we are looking to center ourselves, find inner balance, and deepen our connections.

And by connection, we mean not only the connection with others, but also our connection with nature, our world and our selves (in all its parts).

It is this shift from an outcome driven process to a inner journey which has become the most inevitable source of transformation in an ever evolving world.


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