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How to better time manage and increase productivity

How do you create more time in your schedule to dedicate to your creative practice?

Time is the the thing we all have the same amount of and yet how we manage it may well be the difference between staying in the game, or out of it.

I want to talk to you about the concept of creating a container for your art practice; without that container, we tend to spin out and this is what happens with many creatives because they don't have the structure of other careers.

No one holds us accountable but ourselves when we are freelancing, artists, or entrepreneurs. So we need to hold ourselves accountable.

Step 1- Set regular working hours- decide what time you will show up and what time is your break and stick to it. Every day. 

Step 2- Be sure to batch your time. Don't have an open schedule and do different activities within the same hours otherwise you need to keep switching gears: Now I am doing admin, now I'm creating my next chapter! This will not make you productive- be sure to block hours for all your admin, marketing, time on new project, time reviewing last project, etc. 

Step3- Have regularity in order to operate systematically. Differentiate between working on your art (marketing, website, applications, proposals, finance) and working in your art (reflecting, doing, sharing). 

Step 4- Find your own flow and schedule it in your diary.  Make sure you dedicate directed time for self care. Too much pushing and driving won't make you more productive- you need time to get clarity, so meditate, take time out, journal- learn your pace and trust your flow. Take care of your energy and schedule time to do so.

Step 5- Find time for inspiration- spend time receiving, so you are able to give. Go and see events, art, shows, connect with other artists, receive what they have done and be inspired. Find joy in your industry. Have dates with your artistic self. 

Step 6- Have time to exercise your creative muscle- either through journaling, or practice (take ten to twenty minutes daily) to exercise the muscle of creativity on a project which you will not share, a project that is entirely done for your own self enjoyment. 

You get to choose, You get to create. 


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