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Creative block

There’s only two ways of being in the world: you are either creative or you are blocked. This is because we are all creative, but most of us do not overcome the obstacles we need to face in order to create something. Each of us faces a certain level of resistance and adversity towards doing what we want to do. It’s ironic. You would think that if you were given all the resources to do what you want to do: time, money, anything, you would just get on and do it, right? But I have seen plenty of people who are given all they need to create get stuck and be unable to get on with creating (their book, their play, their performance, their business) and manifesting ideas.

And also I have seen plenty of people say and believe the reason why they are not creating is because they haven’t got the space or the money- these are always excuses!

What you need to know is that if you want to create something, you will encounter huge obstacles to creating- some of these obstacles will be real and concrete, some will be just made up by your own mind. The point is all these obstacles will need to be overcome, and what distinguishes an artist, or a successful creative, is not money or space, it’s not the external validation of their artistic work or existence- it’s how much the creative is able to overcome all the obstacles and resistance to doing their work and how much he shows up to do it.


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