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Create the opportunity

I’m in a reflective mood today.

I think of the individuals I’ve met over the two decades I’ve been in the leadership and personal development field. Creative people. Generous, ambitious, courageous. Yet so many sharing so clearly with me during our conversations that they long for so much more.

... To fully express their creative genius, enjoy life to its fullest and be able to make money out of their passion without ever worrying that their work will be liked, rewarded, or validated.

... To feel more optimism, be more daring and know greater purpose while understanding what it truly means to feel supremely inspired.

... To reclaim a relationship with their truest self, and have a clear contribution to the great world we live in.

... To transform some of their pain, their deepest fears, their unforgettable traumas into rich potential, tangible learning and productive outcomes.

... To learn from failure and keep trialing without losing playfulness and self esteem.

...To have a new sense of success which doesn't depend on what society tells us and to stop comparing themselves to others, to stop scrolling and judging, to stop criticising their own self and be rekindled with their own sense of goodness.

My clients know that the closer you get to your fortune, the louder your fears will scream. As we speak of resistance, we become aware that the project that your counterfeit self is most avoiding is precisely the venture your noblest self seeks to be advancing.

And so, I respectfully suggest that you ...

... Make your start today. Change the mindset of can't into can. Stop creating excuses, and lean into possibilities.

... Develop the guts to play out on the edges of your comfort. The more you stretch yourself, the more you grow. Do more of what makes you uncomfortable, lean into your curiosity and choose the path that scares you the most.

... Activate the creative part of you that was once wildly curious and constantly learning before you were told you needed to be a certain way to fit a certain paradigm

..Evaluate your progress, and be grateful for the times you managed to be truly present with what is, rather than lingering on the past and focused on the future.


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