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New Moon in Libra and Venus Retrograde Tarot reading

A new astrological season starts with Venus going retrograde and the new moon in Libra inviting us to make a new journey into the unknown. Life is a journey into the unknown and we tend to believe it would be helpful to know the destination. However, focusing too much on a goal or destination may distract you from enjoying the ride, and learning from its experience. So, in this new moon we are asked to trust that we are walking in the right direction, even if it may feel unclear where we are aiming to go right now. If we become over emotional, this may lead to lack of discernment and with Venus retrograde, our tendency is to feel quite intensely our emotions, so be aware that to understand clearly what is happening around us right now, we need to be emotionally detached, which at this time can be particularly challenging. The recommendation right now is to continue the changes started in the past month by focusing on the old habits which are not serving us, and using our inner creative energy to find habits which better serve us. This can be confusing, and we may feel that we are unsure which path to take. Throughout this month a few different offers may come to us, and we may feel like we are craving for material things we can not have. It is key to remember that all we need is within us, and if it isn't, we are probably not ready for it. At this stage, if you feel confused about a decision you need to make, if you're feeling greedy and seeking for material pleasures, take control and be in charge of your actions: avoid impulsive reactions at all costs. Things will soon change, so you must take conscious action towards what is happening right here and now. Don't look at your goals in a generic way (I want to be happy for example is not a specific goal and won't help you), try and have specific motivations well defined within you to support you in making decisions towards your goals. Ask yourself what do you truly value in life, and make choices based on these set of values. This is a great time of the year to work on detaching yourself from any addictive behaviours and patterns, and you can do this by focusing primarily on your relationship with yourself, and God/ or Spirit/ or Source? or whatever you want to name it. This will be essential in attracting, healing and balancing all your other relationships. Once you feel safe and loved towards the end of this month, all your other relationships can bloom and prosper. Happy new moon!

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