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Autumn equinox tarot reading

Equinox is the point when the sun crosses the equator and day and night are of equal length across the world. A time when opposites meet on equal ground so we can integrate the duality of one's existence. The Universe is generous like that- the seasons keep returning to give us a chance to recalibrate and rebalance. And this is a time of harvest. Look at where you are at now, and how much work has been done, and take a step back to appreciate what you have built, done, and produced. Autumn is here to let you harvest the lessons learnt and you can only integrate the joy of the past summer season, if you give yourself time to withdraw. My cat has retreated and is sleeping all day, the swans on the canal, as I look out through the window, are there no longer, migrated elsewhere, the rain falls. I can hear the rush of the wind, and I know it's time to let go. I went for a walk in the park today and there were leaves everywhere... There's no point holding on to what has been achieved. The risks of taking a step back to reflect on what work has been done are that we may fall prey to our ego and become too glorified by who we are becoming. Let go of the preconceived idea of who you are, as you are not what you have achieved, but rather who you are yet to become. Who you became is only an instrument, who you're becoming is the essence of the authentic self. Indeed, this is the time when all the frost make us wilt and wither, and we shed away thoughts and feelings so we too can transition. Sometimes we let go of relationships, jobs, memories...This triggers a risk in our psyche as we become somehow immersed in the darkness of the winter to come. It is then important to look at what needs to be pruned and worked upon, so we can blossom again in Spring. Look at your emotional body and attend to it like a garden. Time to look deep into your systems and structures- habits and behaviours. What do you need to keep the light in your life? Define the rules for you, know what you value and create structures, so you can frame your life with consistency. This stability is essential to lead you through darkness to light and only you have the power to create stability and order in your own life. As long as we depend on external elements for stability, we can find no real freedom; we are attached and emotionally dependent. Having said that, you can also hold stability for others, and be a consistent source of support. As you bring light to others, you bring light to yourself. This is the duality in action. Autumn is a great season to continue to grow your reflective practice: journalling, meditating, prayer, mindfulness are all great practices to build during this season, and strengthen your spiritual connection. This is key before you take steps again, and this tarot reading keeps highlighting that the systematic enforcement of withdrawing and reflecting habits will strengthen your peace of mind. As you focus on balancing your act, and connecting to your deeper desires, know the inner voice within you, leading you towards the light. Happy Autumn!

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