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Recipe for success

When I first moved to London from NYC, recently graduated as an actor, and keen to find an artistic path for success in London town, I applied to a project called 'recipe for success'. The creator of the project was a performance artist, and she was asking for other performers to join her in the exploration of the meaning of success, and in the creation of a recipe for success.

I was thrilled to have been chosen as a participant, not only because it was my first paid gig in London as a performance artist, but also because I thought it was ideal, and that I would get a recipe for success. This was my first contact with the live art world in London and I was shocked to see that the arts council funded what I witnessed to be a complete immersion on questioning and on the process, without any sort of outcome. We spent days in the studio talking, discussing, moving about, and philosophising about success. We had nothing to present by the end of the project, and I felt the whole thing was unsuccessful. However, the conclusion of the live artist leading the project, who managed to get the funding to do it, was that art is all about the process, not the outcome. The project was welcomed in the art world, well reviewed and celebrated. I was shocked with the privileged art scene in London, and the pointless use of public money, to create something that was of no use to anyone. This was my first personal lesson that whatever success was, for me, it needed to serve others, and serve a purpose. I was young at the time, and my anxiety for outcomes and results was obvious- I can now appreciate the journey is more important than the destination; but I also know a little bit more about the characteristics for success. And so I've attempted to write a recipe for success: Arts council funding, anyone?

1. Have a clear purpose, goal and action plan- know why you're doing what you are doing, who are you serving, what is your objective, and what are the steps to get there. Plan clearly, strategise and be purposeful.

2. Believe in it- get rid of all limiting beliefs around your goal. Operate an absolutely 'no excuses policy'. Whatever you want to do, you must fully believe in it. So, for example, if you wanted to write a book and had an idea about it, don't make up any excuses- I have no time, no one will like it, why would anyone read it, English is not even my first language, etc...stop the bullshit self doubt.

3. Do the hustle- you need to do the hard work. Everyday. There is no shortcut for success. People have brilliant ideas, but the 10% who actually succeed are the ones who show up to it. As per the example above, if you wanted to write a book and have a great idea, and believe in it, then write it. DO the work everyday. Make the time, and do the work. Whatever it is, success doesn't happen over night, and even those, who get successful by a strike of luck, must work really hard to sustain it. So, there are two enemies of success: lack of self belief and laziness. If you fight both, you are a winner.

4. If you're a winner, learn to fail- if you can't cope with rejection, success will be difficult for you. Success is the 10% of acceptance you get, alongside the 90% of rejection. Whatever venture you're embarked upon, remember that you don't need everyone to like it. Your services will not be suitable for all. It's impossible to be liked by everyone. You don't need 100% approval to be successful. All you need is to find your audience. Your unique make up will match the make up of those who you are here to serve. Find your allies. Create your tribe, and your army, and be kind to them. Don't be bogged down by those who don't get you.

5. Enjoy selling yourself- I can't highlight enough how many people find it terribly difficult to promote themselves, talk about their purpose, talk about their soul. This comes from a very low sense of self- esteem, from the child within who was discouraged, doubted and shamed. It's hard to believe that we have a reason to be here, but we all do. It's essential to trust our own make up, and to share with others our fullest deeper purpose. You are unique, and wonderful and needed.

Mix all with good measure. Serve. And enjoy!

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