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New moon in Virgo tarot reading

We are approaching a new moon in virgo on Sunday 9th September.

Mercury and Mars are going direct and the intensity of the next lunar cycle will move things forward decisively and positively. Uranus is opposite Venus and it's a time to reflect on our relationships, and the feminine within.

This is a time where we are fully advised not to cry over spilled milk. There is no point over analysing or over thinking what has happened, what we did, or what we are about to do. Sometimes things happen which aren't fair, sometimes we are not fair- the world isn't necessarily a very fair place but we need to accept the way things are to be able to move ahead, and actually make changes. If we spend too much time in denial, we will feel powerless to make a change. It's easy to use the state of the world as an excuse not to make a difference, it's easy to think that our small actions won't change the unfairness of the world. But these are just excuses. We have more power within if we dare to recognise it, so battling against it will only delay our self-realisation. As an exercise, think of a recent occasion where you were faced with difficulties- a project, a collective endeavour, a group of people or family - a time where the energy didn't flow, where it felt like a struggle. Sometimes our ego keeps battling for attention. Well, this is a good month to change this conflict by looking for new ways to relate with others, co-operate and collaborate. Look for what your team, family or partner have achieved, and hook yourself onto the positive to move forward. In order to achieve victory, we need others, even when we disagree with them. So try not to be too negative about the conflicts of late, and seek new ways of collaborating. Your focus on any failure, rejection or lack of (may that be lack of funds, money, approval) will isolate you so know your higher purpose, and go ahead acknowledging that your actions align with your higher values. If you are in doubt about a new project, ask yourself: if no one supports me with this, if no one approves of it, would I still do it anyway? If the answer is yes, then you're on the right track. Stop fighting your corner or defending your ideas, look for co-creation. All projects come from an inspiration, which is a co-creation with the universe. So see all feedback and events in your life as the messages from the universe to help you in your co-creation. And make sure that in your search for stability you don't block your channels of communication. This is a good month to ground yourself, exercise, get into nature. Whatever you need to feel connected to Earth, do it. The outcome of this lunar cycle is a great transformation and change- releasing old patterns to find new ways of behaving and relating.

Whatever isn't working, must be addressed- start small. Then, keep at it. Happy new moon!

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