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New moon solar eclipse in Leo Tarot reading

"At a solar eclipse, the Moon (the unconscious) takes bites out of the Sun (consciousness/ego), eating away at it until we’re in the dark.

...This is the nature of the eclipse. It turns off the power to the conscious mind/ego and forces us to confront what is in shadow…" Leah Whitehorse from Lua Astrology

This is what happens every new moon: a new set of intentions and a small shift in evolution. Our perspective takes a new angle. But after eclipse season and with five planets retrograde so much more of a portal of change is happening for all of us right now. Here is my reading for this eclipse season dedicated to the month of August.

Current state - right now you are probably at a stage where you are trying to balance everything out. From this perspective you have gained, and from the insights in the last two weeks since the moon eclipse you now sit in a more confident position. You know that the power of initiation is within you, and that your reality is created by your thoughts, so if you have the power to create your thoughts, and your thoughts create your emotions, you have the power to create your state of being.

So it's time to take control of your finances. Know really well what you have reaped as we are almost coming to harvest time. You are now resting in the abundance of the Summer, enjoying the great abundance the warm tide brings- this is a successful time and you must take control and enjoy the high moments without guilt.

So what must change is really the way you celebrate your achievements. Not a good time to isolate yourself, but a good time to make your unique self shout out and be glorious. Bring out the unique in you and don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Your intentions must connect to your intuition. Celebrate whilst listening to your intuition, go out there but pay attention to the synchronicities of life and take steps which are not necessarily calculated but feel right for you in your heart. Don't stop listening to your inner voice, even if that means taking time to reflect out of the madness of the buzzing, thrilling Summer. Make sure you know why you are taking action- and check your behaviours link with your values, and that your values are aligned with your heart rather than your brain. Sometimes in times like these we tend to wear our heart on our sleeve. Be mindful of your own emotions, and keep check. Lots of things are changing at a very fast pace all around us, and we must make sure that we only give what we can give, share what we can share, and reciprocate only when we truly feel it. So keep check of your emotions. The most important transformation this Summer is understanding everything has a higher purpose and that truly what we give is what we take. At the end of the day all the events are coordinated, and the law of attraction makes it that we create the frequency we want to attract. So don't be a victim, accept what it is and liberate your old patterns to create new ways of being. Renew your intentions, and gain clarity of thought. After this solar eclipse it is a good time to set goals, and bring into action

your intentions. Enjoy the choices you made as they bring you to this moment right now. Rejoice. Feel the love of what you planted, and make sure you dedicate your soul to anything you initiate this month. After all, it is a month of change and transformation and the wheel of life keeps moving, whilst liberating your shadow.

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