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Free Virtual Workshops

This is a great way to getting access to my work and getting to know me. I offer a free monthly newsletter and a  free virtual workshop every other month. Enjoy and register for the next one!

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3 Mindset Tools to Create Abundance

Do you feel conflicted about making money with your art, with your healing or with your services?


Or are you under the strong belief that there is no money in the arts and that choosing a creative career is the same as choosing to have financial problems?

Is there a part of you that finds it difficult to value your creative work and truly understand what and how to charge, or fund, your work?

During this 60 minute training, you’ll discover the most effective strategies to overcome your mindset blocks around money, your old stories about money, and unleash your creativity so you can lead your next creative project with a profitable mindset.


Or if you are an entrepreneur join me to develop a creative mindset. 


3 Mindset Tools to Unleash Your Creativity

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