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I work with individuals and groups. In particular my clients are:

  • Creative directors, senior and executive producers, art directors, senior leaders

  • My clients are established and not beginners, they have experience in the sector and are high performers.
    They already achieved a certain level of success in their field- maybe creatively, professionally or commercially.

Work with me if :

  • You feel that you have more potential and could have a wider, better impact;

  • You feel there is not enough time in the day and you need to shift this because you need to create more time for yourself and family. 

  • You know some things need to change but need someone to challenge you to take the next steps;

  • You need support evolving your leadership so  you can inspire your team and improve their creativity/ performance;

  • You aspire to become, or continue to be, an authority in your field/ sector but must manage the tricky polarity between keeping a reputation and taking some wild creative risks;

  • You find it hard to navigate challenging decisions that may be operational, strategical, financial and creative on your own and you would like to have a thinking partner;

  • Your partner (wife/husband) is tired of listening to the details of your worn and you need a space to offload confidentially that not the office, the boardroom, the pub or the kitchen !

How I can help:

I have successfully coached clients who wanted:

  • To have a soundboard to their projects and accountability measures

  • To deepen their creative/ artistic/ leadership practice

  • To develop the resilience to keep at it

  • Clarity on the next steps and how to go about making 'it' happen 

  • To develop a mindset, strategy and the tactics to create more time

  • Clarity on the vision of the life/ project they are creating

  • To step up and gain visibility and overcome self-limiting beliefs

  • To feel inspired again and get their mojo back

  • To find meaning in their work and life

  • To defeat the self-critical voice and reconnect with their purpose

  • To overcome the fear of rejection and the need for external validation

  • To cope with press and multimedia pressure, and with being constantly on the spotlight

      And also....

  • To create healthy intimate relationships

  • To better manage their emotions

  • To develop self care and balance

  • To manage stress and anxiety

  • To be generally happier in a world of noise and confusion and find a space of reflection

  • To gain better awareness of their spiritual path


What you can expect from me:

  • My full belief in you, your dreams and what you want to create

  • Radical honesty to challenge you to connect with your authentic desires

  • Clarity to prioritise, focus on solutions and practical steps based on your values

  • The invitation to be fully self-aware and develop habits that will help you move through blocks

  • Confidentiality and a safe, casual and relaxing space 

  • A sound board to support you in challenging old patterns, fears, and limiting beliefs

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