Everyone is Creative

Maya Angelou once said, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

And Pablo Picasso said, “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”


You may not consider yourself an artist like Pablo Picasso, but every single person in this world is creative. Maybe you don’t work with paint, but you’re a creative problem solver.

Or perhaps, you’re an entrepreneur, and you’re always coming up with new pitches and products for your company. Whatever your career, personality, and background, you ARE inherently creative, and you can create beautiful things.


If your job is your creative passion, you may suffer from insecurities, like self-doubt or fear of failure. What if someone doesn’t like my work? What if no one understands it?

What if my passion isn’t enough to support my family?

These fears can keep us from greatness.

They can keep us from creating an impact in the world.

So how do we get past them?


Who I work with

I work with individuals and groups. In particular my clients are:

  • Artists- some emerging, some established- all high performing and highly ambitious

  • Freelancers, employers and employees in the creative industries- in theatre, film and the performing arts, in writing, fashion, television, music, animation, illustration,  advertising, marketing and design.

  • Creative directors and their teams, who want to make a difference and have a sense of mission and a greater purpose

  • Leaders in the private and public sector.

  • Anyone else who wants to make a difference in their own life and in the life of others 

Why work with me?

Work with me if you are ready to:

  • clarify your goals to reach the next level

  • release your limiting beliefs and fully trust yourself

  • find your deepest purpose and authentic meaning

  • develop the resilience needed to keep at it

  • gain the confidence to step out of your comfort zone 

  • unblock your creative blocks, stop procrastinating and step up to meet your true self

  • be part of the tribe who invests in their personal growth to live wholesomely 

How I can help:

I have successfully coached clients who wanted:

  • To have a soundboard to their projects and accountability measures

  • To deepen their artistic practice

  • To find a starting point and beat resistance and procrastination

  • To develop the resilience to keep at it

  • Clarity on the next steps in their career and how to go about making 'it' happen 

  • To know how to prioritise, organise, schedule and action plan

  • To develop a strategy and the tactics to be financially secure 

  • Clarity on the vision of the life/ project they are creating

  • To step up and gain visibility and overcome self-limiting beliefs

  • To feel inspired again and get their mojo back

  • To find meaning in their work and life

  • To defeat the self-critical voice and reconnect with their purpose

  • To overcome the fear of rejection and the need for external validation

  • To cope with press and multimedia pressure, and with being constantly on the spotlight

      And also....

  • To create healthy intimate relationships

  • To better manage their emotions

  • To develop self care and balance

  • To manage stress and anxiety

  • To be generally happier in a world of noise and confusion and find a space of reflection

  • To gain better awareness of their spiritual path

What you can expect from me:

  • My full belief in you, your dreams and what you want to create

  • Radical honesty to challenge you to connect with your authentic desires

  • Clarity to prioritise, focus on solutions and practical steps based on your values

  • The invitation to be fully self-aware and develop habits that will help you move through blocks

  • Confidentiality and a safe, casual and relaxing space 

  • A sound board to support you in challenging old patterns, fears, and limiting beliefs