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Group Coaching


We develop the artist's vision and clarify your purpose and mission.


We look into mindset- how beliefs create behaviours and how we can transform a scarcity mindset into abundance, dealing with the inner critic, rejection and self sabotage.


We look at the tactics and steps needed to move forward and we devise a strategy to better manage time, prioritise and develop creative habits.


We look at focus and energy- we work together on managing the creative flow, and how we can connect with our deepest self.

 Group Coaching Programmes

My group coaching programmes are for artists and creatives (or those who feel a deep creative call).

It is a low-cost programme of coaching created for those who prefer group coaching or can't sustain the high fees of 1:1 coaching sessions.
Unlike other coaching programmes, a group coaching programme is designed specifically for all creative types, independently of their creative practices- we don't focus on the form but on the essence of creativity. 

The creative process is often a lonely journey and evidence shows that having a non judgemental, safe group that holds you accountable, whilst inspiring you and motivating you, can be the difference between starting and finishing a project to never attempting.  Through this programme you will gain a better understanding of the creative process and you will also learn coaching tools that can help you make conscious and autonomous choices, developing the self-discipline and self-care needed to carry you forward. 

What is included in programme?

  •  1x  60 mns 1:1 coaching session

  •  5x 60mns online group coaching session

  • Worksheets and coaching exercises

  • Facebook Group for participants ongoing support

The benefits of group coaching are:

  • Affordable coaching- excellent value for money

  • Easy, convenient online

  • Group support and accountability

  • Ongoing communication, homework to develop creative habits

  • Development of your own leadership skills to take ownership of your life

  • Inspiration and accountability

  • A free bonus 1:1 session at any point in the programme




Email me if interested in joining the next group


Elizabeth Stopford


Ana takes no prisoners in the nicest possible way. She has an instinct for honing in on what one may be resisting, and create a safe space to explore it together.

Julie Havelund

Dance Artist

Through coaching I gained a new understanding of where I’m being held back by my own thoughts and I have realised that I have the power to make changes, however small or big. Ana has helped me see beyond some of the issues I can see myself, to discover some of the roots of my thought patterns and how to move on from there.

Marie Maguire

Head of Marketing

The impact of coaching has been that now I am less afraid of failure. I'm more hopeful so I'll try more, do more, fail more and discover more.
Ana is reflective, kind but firm. She doesn't let me laugh off or avoid what I don't want to face. 

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