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Your Questions Answered

Can I book an introductory Session?

Yes, I often do a 'discovery session' where we discuss what you wish to work on and what I can offer.  We can then decide if, and how we will agree to work together.

What is coaching?

Coaching provides a non-judgemental, open, collaborative and confidential space between coach and client- focusing on the client's own thoughts, challenges, outcomes and goals. It is a powerful way of exploring our personal beliefs and values and how these are shaping our experience of life, and our behaviours.

What are the benefits of coaching?

Coaching enables a journey of self-exploration which can give us greater self-awareness, and examine and reshape many areas of life.

Where do we meet ?

 If we decide to work together, we can meet in my office in Dalston, East London. I also visit clients in their offices and studios. Currently however, since the pandemic, the majority of my clients are online using Zoom and this has been very effective.

How often and how long are the sessions?

I usually meet clients initially for a minimum of  6 sessions of one hour duration, on a weekly or fortnightly basis. We can then decide if we want to carry on working together. But a solid coaching programme could last three months to one year.

Is coaching therapy?

Short answer, no. 
One of the most common misconceptions  is that coaching is therapy in disguise — or, worse yet, therapy from an unlicensed practitioner. In reality, life coaching is truly its own unique service designed to help ambitious achievers meet the outcomes that will bring them success and fulfillment.

What can I expect from you?

Confidentiality, commitment, clear and prompt communication, professionalism and radical honesty. I will be a sound board to your thoughts, sometimes it will feel like being with an old friend, but often you will feel gently challenged and I may say things you didn't expect to hear. This is because my job is to push you, to take you out of your comfort zone, to where the magic happens. And for that, we need to abolish all the excuses your mind tricks you to believe so you don't get stuff done. This way we are not wasting time, we are making time.

Pastel Swirl

“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare

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