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Tarot & Coaching

Tarot reading session

For hundreds of years, tarot has been one of the most important Western mystical pathways for self-development. With connections to alchemy, psychology, astrology, numerology, Kaballah, Christian mysticism, Eastern philosophy and many other traditions, the tarot is known as the ‘mirror of the human soul’. At its simplest level, tarot is a universal language that speaks through a variety of archetypal symbols. Symbols and archetypes have profound significance, with many layers and levels of meaning; they open us up to hidden depths of ourselves, which we might unconsciously choose to deny, repress or exile. This universal language makes the tarot a unique tool for self-understanding, for making choices about the future, and the perfect tool for life coaching. Tarot provides an instant and direct way to understand the rhythms or patterns at work in our life. Uncannily, most people misunderstand tarot as a divinatory tool, which predicts events that are about to happen. But this is not my study of Tarot, or the tradition I have been taught. My practice of tarot sees the clients’ reactions to the tarot’s imagery and reading as their own projections, so the cards are a mere reflection of their hidden desires, actions and goals. Just like coaching, good tarot readers, know that the answers are not in the reader, or in the cards, but always in the client themselves. So instead of fortune telling, tarot creates new questions, and new perspectives.
With or without tarot readings, the essence at the core of my coaching practice is self-analysis, self-improvement and self-awareness. But if you would like to have a reading as part of your coaching package, just ask.

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